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Supporting C-SAM's owners with the sale of their business


Client: C-SAM

Aberdeen software company C-SAM was recently acquired by international group Jonas Software for an undisclosed sum.

Aberdein Considine advised the north-east business on the February 2021 sale.

It has had a long-standing relationship with the local software firm going back more than a decade.

C-SAM was founded in 2000 by its managing director Theresa Wheeler.

It now has more than 100 clients around the world and the business is a leading solutions provider to the oil and gas, subsea, maritime and related industries.

C-SAM’s products and services have also been successfully introduced to a wide range of other business sectors which rely upon equipment/asset management as a critical factor of operational success.

Its specialist asset-management software OPS allows all sizes of businesses ‐ from start-ups to blue-chip global concerns ‐ to track, trace and control their assets, supply chain and people.

Canadian-based Jonas Software operates over 100 independently-managed software brands around the world.

What the client said...

“Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I was never able to meet the team at Jonas Software face-to-face - which felt strange considering how important the transaction was to all of us.

“Things had to be done online, but Ritchie and his team kept everything on-track with the deal.

“They spent a lot of time going back and forward on all the things in the sales agreement from a legal point of view.

“Ritchie and his colleagues resolved possible issues I would not have picked up myself.

“I could never have done the deal without Aberdein Considine and their highly-skilled staff.”

Theresa Wheeler, C-SAM

Theresa Wheeler

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