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Compliant and effective stock disposal for lenders

Asset Management

We are one of the leading asset managers in the UK when it comes to commercial and residential property sales.

We provide a regulatory-compliant corporate property management and disposal service that is designed specifically for lenders and that we believe is second to none.

Our team

As leading residential property solicitors and one of the UK’s most prevalent conveyancers - we believe that the blend of systems, technology and people allows for a compliant and effective stock disposal strategy, whilst achieving the best possible return for our clients and their customers.

A joined-up approach

As part of a wider practice group that offers lenders expert pre-litigation customer rehabilitation, mortgage recoveries litigation and specialist post-possession conveyancing, our clients benefit from a unique 'cradle to grave' recovery service.

This results in reduced times from instruction to possession; elimination of duplication and double keying; risk mitigation in terms of data loss or leakage and many other cost efficiencies derived from our unique methodologies.

The best agents panel

Our panel comprises of the best-selling agents throughout the UK - be they solicitors, hybrids, online agents, corporates or independents.

Panel appointment is based solely on performance and selling agents are carefully assessed and monitored. We believe that, together in partnership, we achieve the best possible results for our clients and their customers.


The power of one...

We operate one system, one compliance framework, one management team and one culture across all three of the UK’s legal jurisdictions to give our clients a seamless pan-UK legal solution.