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Remortgage conveyancing with your customers at heart

Volume Remortgage Services

With almost 40 years of experience, Aberdein Considine Legal is one of the UK's pre-eminent suppliers of volume remortgage conveyancing.

Our remortgage team delivers to a large client base a fast, compliant, efficient and secure remortgage service.

Robust workflows and rigid adherence to service level agreements ensure that in a market where turnaround times are everything, we lead from the front in terms of performance.

Clever use of technology means that the customer journey is a slick one, with clear communication at all times our number one priority.

In essence, our entire remortgage operation has been built with your customer - and their journey through the process - in mind.

Customer portal

Our decades of experience tell us that there are three things of crucial importance to customers.

Firstly, they want clear communication channels which allow them to discuss matters quickly and easily.

Secondly, they want to be notified as key milestones are reached.

Third – and this is a need which has grown as technology has become more integral to all of our lives – they want a way to track their case digitally.

To meet these needs, we've built a bespoke online customer portal, which allows your customers to track the progress of their case in real time.

How it works

Our portal is an integrated digital communication module which emails, sends text messages and allows customers to log-in at any point of the day or night to get an up-to-date picture of how their transaction is progressing.

This is not technology for technology’s sake – this is a genuine innovation to make the journey of your customers as easy and transparent as possible.

It allows them to communicate on their terms, how and when they want – and it explains the process to them in clear, plain language.


The power of one...

We operate one system, one compliance framework, one management team and one culture across all three of the UK’s legal jurisdictions to give our clients a seamless pan-UK legal solution.

  • "Not only do they do the day-to-day things well, they are open to new ideas and suggestions which are never too much trouble, or not worth investigating. Aberdein Considine has invested in enhancements to their systems and processes to help ensure we get the best possible service at the right price."



Our portals have been built in order to provide clients with complete visibility of their cases, no matter where they are.