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Contract Disputes

Businesses and individuals alike enter contractual relationships on an almost daily basis.

Contracts range from buying a newspaper to multi-million pound business deals.

Contracts may be written, unwritten, or a combination of the two. Some contracts legally have to take written form but others can be verbal.

Contractual terms may be express or implied. They may be implied by operation of law or custom, or for business efficacy. The contract terms might arise from standard terms and conditions or from a previous course of dealing.

When a dispute arises about a contract you will need clear, concise advice about all of the above points, at the outset.

Experienced solicitors

We have an experienced team of solicitors who can give you clear advice on the legal position, and how your dispute is best resolved, whether that is through court action or alternative dispute resolution.

Being experienced in taking contractual disputes all the way through court, where that is necessary, means we know exactly what is needed to fully prepare your case, or your defence, to give you the best prospects of success.

Our team of solicitors are experienced litigators, appearing regularly in contentious court hearings of all types.

An important part of advising you on a strategy to deal with a contract dispute will include the costs associated with any course of action.

We have good relationships with a number of litigation funders. In many cases we can work with them and you to develop a bespoke feeing arrangement to suit your needs, where appropriate.


Our client promise

At Aberdein Considine Legal, we have a simple three-point promise to all of our clients.

  • Euan McSherry leads the firm's real estate litigation department and offers extensive experience in property litigation. He is a solicitor advocate and accredited mediator. One client highlights his "concise, thoughtful and apposite advice," and praises his "very commercial and astute" approach.


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