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Employment Contracts

Employment contracts can be hard to understand. Many can be drafted with very vague terms leaving employees uncertain as to what terms they are employed on.

Employers can often introduce new changes to existing terms and this may leave employees unhappy or unsure where they stand and what they can do about the situation.

Our specialist employment lawyers are here to help and provide a quick and effective initial assessment on a range of employment contracts.

A consultation with one of our experts will give you clarity on where you stand.

Service Agreements

A service agreement is a form of employment contract typically agreed between employers and senior employees, directors or consultants.

Many service agreements contain more robust business protection mechanisms including confidentiality protections, post termination restrictions/restrictive covenants and intellectual property protections.

We can help you with the drafting or negotiation of these agreements.

How we can help

Our employment solicitors are experienced in providing advice on the interpretation of employment contracts, changes to terms and conditions of employment and other specific employment law issues.

If you have a doubt over the terms of your employment then our employment solicitors can provide you with advice on how best you can proceed.

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