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Know where you stand should your relationship fall

Cohabitation Agreements

Moving in with someone is a big step – but it also has legal implications that you need to consider.

A couple who are living together as if they are a married couple are entitled to make financial claims against one another on separation or death.

This can include claims against certain household goods, money, property, or even an entire estate should a person die without having a Will in place.

However, there are steps you can take to protect your assets on separation and death, including entering into a Cohabitation Agreement at the outset of your cohabitation.

What does a Cohabitation Agreement do?

A Cohabitation Agreement allows you to regulate how property, finances and even child related matters arising from your relationship will be dealt with on your separation or death.

Very often, a Cohabitation Agreement will be prepared to protect one party’s investment in a jointly owned property where the parties are not making equal contributions towards the purchase price.

Alternatively, one party may wish to invite their partner to move into their own property and a Cohabitation Agreement will regulate that arrangement.

In the event that the relationship breaks down, having such an Agreement in place can save unnecessary acrimony, uncertainty and expense for both parties.

How we can help

Entering into such Agreements may not be romantic but they can dispel fears and remove uncertainty, which may otherwise cause difficulties in a relationship.

Our Family Law Team is experienced in the preparation of Cohabitation Agreements, which are tailored to meet the needs of the individual client.


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