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Specialist lender-focussed conveyancing solutions

Repossession Conveyancing

We provide a specialist lender-focussed conveyancing solution that draws on our market-leading technology and blends it with specialist legal expertise – all delivered under the umbrella of a robust compliance framework.

Repossession conveyancing

We appreciate the sensitive nature of a repossession action and will always ensure that clients’ cases are regulatory compliant and that customers are treated fairly.

Our lawyers and paralegals will always pro-actively identify and resolve any legal impediments to a sale at the earliest possible opportunity - either by way of corrective conveyancing or through the provision of adequate title indemnity insurance - in order to ensure that the title being offered to the purchaser is good and marketable.

Property law for lenders

Conveyancing is generally formulaic and transactional in nature. However, when commercial matters become more complex, you need a property expert. This is particularly so in title rectification solutions.

Our property lawyers only work for lender clients and so have a real depth of knowledge when it comes to the issues commonly faced by lenders.

That knowledge allows problems to be resolved rapidly, commercially and in a compliant manner.

Bulk multi-jurisdiction project support

Our teams in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can offer one single point of contact support to lenders when it comes to bulk conveyancing projects.


The power of one...

We operate one system, one compliance framework, one management team and one culture across all three of the UK’s legal jurisdictions to give our clients a seamless pan-UK legal solution.

  • "Not only do they do the day-to-day things well, they are open to new ideas and suggestions which are never too much trouble, or not worth investigating. Aberdein Considine has invested in enhancements to their systems and processes to help ensure we get the best possible service at the right price."



We understand that working in the financial services industry requires specialist knowledge and sensitivity. Cases are therefore progressed efficiently with 'ensuring right outcomes’ and the customer journey at the forefront of our minds.