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Dry Ice company expands with multimillion pound investment in Dumfries


Client: Dry Ice Scotland

Originally established in 2011 and now run by brothers and Directors Richard and Ed Nimmons, Dry Ice Scotland Limited is a major UK dry ice and manufacturing company, supplying high density dry ice pellets and slices to a range of sectors, including pharmaceutical and food distribution.

Dry ice has a wide variety of uses and applications, including airline catering, dry ice blasting, freeze drying as well as sample/vaccine distribution within the pharma sector and storage and transportation.

Based in Perthshire, Dry Ice Scotland is investing over £4 million in the development of a new production site near Dumfries. Just over £3 million has been provided by Nash Business Capital, with the balance provided by a combination of grant funding and the company’s own resources.

The firm will use the new facility for the capture, purification and liquefaction of food grade, renewable CO2 and production of dry ice.

In a boost to the UK’s current and longer term CO2 challenges, employing a process which is carbon negative, the new production facility will take the waste CO2 by-product from a nearby plant to produce liquid CO2 that is compressed into dry ice pellets and slices. Production capacity is expected to reach appropriately 8,000 tonnes per annum with Dry Ice Scotland becoming one of the top three UK producers of dry ice.

Dry Ice Scotland currently employs seven people and plans to recruit up to eight more staff over the next 3 years.